Symphony Health Solutions is a trusted healthcare partner known in the pharmaceutical industry for our ability to conduct pharmaceutical market research, develop targeted applications, and report market analysis in a meaningful way for healthcare decision-makers.

At Symphony, we get the answers to the big questions our clients are asking. We’ve earned a reputation for being trustworthy to the marketing and research teams that count on us to help them make decisions about their brand strategy and understand what is driving brand performance. Other industry watchers look to the trends we report to determine a variety of pharma-related financial decisions.

Symphony needs talented, trustworthy individuals who have the desire to help improve the way pharmaceutical data decisions are realized in the 21st century.


Symphony is strong because of the collective talent employed here. We are successful because we create a nurturing environment for talented individuals, eager to use their knowledge and skills to solve interesting problems.

To advance the quality of healthcare around the world, we need motivated individuals, and inspired teams, ready to do good work. If this resonates with you, then we would like to get to know you.

Recruiting Partners For Success!

At Symphony Health Solutions, you will find a dedicated and highly professional organization that is driven by…

People, Perspective, Performance
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