Physician Panels

Our i-enabled network of more than 4,000 targeted physicians captures not only physician treatment decisions in response to promotion, but also the attitudes, perceptions, and beliefs underlying those decisions. We capture promotional and prescribing activities from high-value physicians continuously, in addition to real-time beginning at the earliest point in the prescribing continuum the physician’¬ôs office. Our unique approach enables us to provide the earliest feedback on market dynamics and ensures that data is not degraded by memory recall and other related errors.

Written Rxs: We monitor prescriptions that are actually written in doctors offices to ensure the purest measure of physician behavior. Factors like managed care and patient behaviors influence prescriptions dispensed at the pharmacy.

Physician as Linked Unit of Analysis: Our data contains unique promotion and response metrics captured from the same physicians fueling best-in-class promotional effectiveness solutions.

Complete Competitive Context: We provide a comprehensive read of promotion and prescribing activities across brands in a competitive setting. Our data is not limited to a small selection of specific brands, so you can better gauge the true standing of your product in the market.