Share your business goals for our experts to solve: Symphony PHORCE Consulting

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Share your business goals for our experts to solve: Symphony PHORCE Consulting

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Data Talks - Our new video series

Data Talks - Our new video series

Introducing, PHORCE Consulting: the health intelligence experts to be reckoned with.

We pride ourselves on the depth of our patient-level data, best-in-class solutions, and commitment to innovation. But all of that is enabled by our people and powered by their passion, intelligence, and creative problem-solving.

We have 100+ consulting experts bringing years of industry experience together with intimate understanding of the assets contained in one of the biggest health data repositories in the country.

Meet the people who lead Symphony PHORCE Consulting division and its teams: Commercial PHORCE, Brand&Payer PHORCE, Enterprise PHORCE, and Connected PHORCE.

Let us show you how we can turn data into the PHORCE that drives your business to success. Symphony PHORCE.

Tell us your business goals

We’ve always asked questions.

What health events did a patient experience that led to a treatment?
Why did they choose one drug over another?
Are they compliant with their care treatment?

Now, we can answer those questions better than ever.

Our fully integrated solutions allow us to take data from anywhere and link all of it using an anonymized, unique patient identifier. This ensures you get a deeper understanding of the entire patient journey – whichever path it takes.

Learn how we’re intuitively mapping the patient journey
Patient journey
Healthcare Data Solutions

No two products, brand strategies, or patients are exactly alike.

We believe the future of healthcare is personalized, and our powerful data solutions are already working to make that a reality.

Data solutions shouldn’t be either.

We build personalized, agile solutions that answer the questions you have today – and the ones you’ll have tomorrow – by leveraging our integrated healthcare data repository, our advanced technology, and our analytics experts.

Learn more about our strategic healthcare data solutions

We don’t stop at helping deliver life-changing drugs.

We’ve been pushing the healthcare data industry forward for years – constantly exploring new ways of interacting with and looking at data to gain even deeper insights.

We want to change lives.

Today, our data helps the right drugs get to the right patients. Tomorrow, we believe it can help people proactively advance and improve their own health.

Learn how we do it
Planning ahead