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At Symphony Health, pharmaceutical and healthcare data is powered by innovation and technology.

At Symphony Health, we provide powerful data, applications, analytics, and consulting to help companies gain deep insight into the pharmaceutical market. Significant changes are radically reshaping the healthcare market, and our services provide a comprehensive, leading-edge perspective on the real dynamics that can make or break the success of brands.


Brand Teams

The ability to understand not only what is happening to your brand — but why — and then to quickly and confidently act on information to improve performance is what you seek. Symphony Health is here to provide you with a rich, multi-dimensional perspective that lets you unlock opportunity and drive growth.

Research Teams

We provide research teams with the critical information you need, along with thoughtful analysis and intelligent insight. This allows you to shift your focus from collecting, aggregating, and distilling information to interpreting the information for making critical decisions or recommendations based on the data.

Managed Markets Teams

With our detailed information to illuminate every step in the life cycle of the prescription, we offer distinct advantages to help you optimize your managed care contracting and marketing strategies.

Sales Teams

With the use of our integrated, multi-dimensional information, we can reveal the true influence of your direct sales efforts on physician prescribing and help you make the necessary adjustments to your sales strategy to achieve a real competitive advantage.

Executive Teams

With reduced operating budgets, increased governmental regulations, and the ongoing shift in portfolio composition and approach to commercializing products, our strategic insights are critical to help business leaders make the right decisions to positively impact performance.

Pharma Support Organizations

We use our experience, expertise, and industry perspective to help you find the answers that will have a powerful impact not only on your clients’ businesses, but also on your business.

Financial Analysts

Our powerful audit tools give you the insight you need to get a jump on the latest market movements, while our research team provides you with forward-looking analyses that provide leadership in forecasting and market analysis.

Brand Teams Research Teams Managed Markets Teams Sales Teams Executive Teams Pharma Support Organizations Financial Analysts


Our solutions help you see clearly and act decisively.

At Symphony Health, we provide three core solutions that are critical to the success of today's healthcare brands. Partnering with you, we help transform data into decisions and give you deeper insight into the relationships your brands have with the market by allowing you to holistically view the impacts of payer, prescriber, and patient behavior.

Our Promise

We provide best-in-class information, analytics, and technology.

Our mission is to enable the growth and transformation of our healthcare and life science clients by providing best-in-class information, analytics, and technology solutions and delivering actionable, high-impact insights.

Our Story

“Symphony Health provides thorough data and powerful analytics to help professionals understand the full market lifecycle”

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