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The Symphony Health Consulting Group offers deep expertise and insight into the pharmaceutical market through specialized Audience & Media, Commercial Effectiveness, Brand Analytics, and Managed Markets practices that inform the most successful sales and marketing strategies.

Audience & Media

Our unique and empirically driven approach helps our clients better connect with customers.

The Audience & Media practice is focused on technological, advisory, and analytical services to power marketing programs in the life sciences industry. We help brands gain a more complete and contemporary understanding of customers, including patients, health care providers (HCPs), and managed market accounts. Our strategic, data-driven approach determines the optimal content and messages to deliver and provides cross-channel and tactical measurement and insight.


Enhanced visibility of the treatment continuum for competitive advantage.

Leveraging best-in-class data and analytics combined with deep subject matter and disease state expertise, Symphony Health’s Commercial Effectiveness Practice offers proven capabilities that help biopharma organizations to overcome key market challenges to drive profitable growth. Providing end-to-end support across the spectrum of sales force deployment – segmentation, targeting, incentive compensation design, and performance forecasting – our solutions leverage longitudinal, integrated patient and physician data to maximize insight and influence superior strategy and execution, driving profitable brand growth.

Brand Analytics

Understand patient compliance, persistency, product switching, patient share and counts, as well as measure the impact of DTC campaigns on overall patient usage.

To give you new insight into patient behavior, Symphony Health’s Brand Analytics Practice offers the most extensive patient studies available built on the industry’s most comprehensive, encrypted patient-linked longitudinal database. These studies allow pharmaceutical manufacturers to understand patient compliance, persistency, product switching, patient share, and counts, as well as to measure the impact of DTC campaigns on overall patient usage.

Managed Markets

Clearly analyze managed care performance for your brands.

Symphony Health’s Managed Markets Practice offers a comprehensive collection of managed care solutions that leverage deep payer insights from our IDV® (Integrated Dataverse). Using leading benchmarking analysis methods, we enable our pharmaceutical customers to clearly analyze managed care performance so that they can effectively partner with payers to positively impact prescription performance. Key Managed Markets Consulting studies include Market Landscape analysis, Medicare Part D Donut Hole Analysis, and Co-Pay Card Monitoring and Optimization.


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