Information is power.

New questions bubble to the surface in the face of a global pandemic. We must rapidly adjust in order to manage our businesses in new ways and understand the changing trends. We also need to make better efforts to ensure patients’ accessibility to needed medications and therapies.

Now is the time for increased access to information and collaboration among businesses in the life sciences industry.

We believe in the power of data transparency and the ability to easily access and work with it—no matter where data is located. We know that wide use will drive the rapid-fire answers and innovation which are critical to combating disease.

Metys™, our flagship national market measurement tool, can help you understand current market trends and impacts across therapeutic areas and diagnoses. We invite you to view a brief demo below to see how Metys can enlighten your understanding of COVID-19 impacts.

To subscribe to our weekly COVID-19 Insights report based on data from Metys and our Integrated Dataverse (IDV), submit the form below. To view prior weekly reports, see our Additional Resources at the bottom of this page.

Additional Resources

Symphony Health is tracking the impact of COVID-19 across all therapeutic areas and US regions, and will be publishing these findings in our Weekly Trend Insights reports. View our latest reports below:

Learn more about how PRA is proactively responding to the challenges of COVID-19