Data Talks is a video series where we speak with health data experts and let the data speak for itself.

These conversations provide insights about the role of health data in the modern healthcare industry. Learn how health data is collected, who uses it, and who could actually benefit from using it—including each and every one of us. After all, it’s our data.

Throughout the course of Data Talks, we’ll explore different perspectives.

The first segment concerns the patient perspective. We’re all patients—we leave a digital trace every day. We make health decisions or have decisions made for us. Our data is the foundation of medical advancements and better healthcare. With our experts, we discuss:

  • What health data is
  • How health data is collected and stored
  • Where health data goes
  • Who uses health data

We also take a closer look at the industry itself, gaining insight into the different roles that people and artificial intelligence play. Join us in exploring the opportunities for businesses and companies in this space and beyond.

Finally, we dig into the science of data, its types and sources, and how these factors combine to create a Patient Journey through the world of health data.

02 - How private is your health data?

How private is your health data? Today, we’ve accepted living in a data-driven world, and the price that we pay for all the benefits this digitization has brought us: the price of becoming data points ourselves and being traced everywhere we go. But when it comes to health data, it’s just too sensitive and too important. In this episode, we discuss health data privacy and the laws and regulations we have in place to guarantee the security of this information such as GDPR and HIPAA laws.

01 - You're not like other data

In this episode, our experts Connie Inguanti, Charles West, and Ram Bendre weigh in on the term “health data” and why it is so different from the rest of the data flows. We discuss how your health data is generated and recorded, why it’s so interesting and fulfilling to work with it, and what makes health data industry so challenging and important in the large scheme of things.

00 - Intro to DataTalks

There’s never been a better time to talk about health data. Now is the time ask the right questions: How is it defined? How is health data collected? How is it regulated, and how well is it protected? Who uses health data?

At Symphony Health, it’s our duty as a health data company to answer these questions. In the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, our experts jumped on video calls to share their collected knowledge and thoughts on health data. These conversations were the inspiration for Data Talks, our new video series where we talk to health data experts and let the data speak for itself.

This introductory video outlines the topics for upcoming episodes, which will cover both the patient and the industry point of view.