We use data to answer questions about the patient health journey.

At Symphony Health, we use data to create solutions for virtually any business that needs to answer questions about any step of the patient health journey. We can also show you the impact or influence of any constituent on that journey, including payers, providers, labs, hospitals, medical offices, advertising, and pricing.

We start with one of the largest integrated repositories of healthcare data

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Retail Pharmacy Rx

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Mail Order Pharmacy Rx

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Specialty Drug Activity

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Active Patients
280+ million

In Integrated Dataverse

1.8+ million

In Integrated Dataverse

Health Plans

In Integrated Dataverse

Then, we make that data work for you.

This is where our technology and people come together. We take our raw data and create smart tools and hubs that make analyzing big data easily manageable. We specialize in data integration, analytic tools, and cloud-based commercial marts and hubs.

We also arm you with the best business intelligence tools on the market.

We provide actionable market and sales insights at every stage of the product lifecycle.

We help you optimize brand success in a crowded payer market.

<p><strong><strong>Lynne Randall</strong></strong><strong><strong>, </strong></strong>Senior Vice President, Account Services</p>

My mom used to say that a decision is only as good as the information you have to make it. That’s why we care so much about the quality of our data and the service delivery of that data to our clients – because their decisions rely on us.

Lynne Randall, Senior Vice President, Account Services

We’ll guide you through the complete patient journey, from start to finish.

We develop and execute custom research projects to uncover deep insight into patient and physician decision drivers, as well as health economics and outcomes research crucial to ensuring patient access and commercial success. From biotechs to big pharma, we have the flexibility, scalability, and expertise you need for real world research and product development

We tailor our solutions based on deep therapeutic expertise.

Create the most informative and actionable information for your brand. Our team of medical and therapeutic experts will partner with you to develop analytics that use the latest advancements in clinical knowledge, data capture, and patient experience. With over 80 therapeutic areas always available, we give you instant access to top categories of interest.

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