Actionable insights at every stage of the product lifecycle.

Launch Strategy and Management

Construct predictive models of the future impact of your product throughout the launch and market establishment process. Using the latest statistical and data mining tools, we’ll help you define the right channel and time to engage your customers to maximize your launch and orchestrate communications strategies across various promotional levers.

Our insights-based machine learning and advanced analytics can assist with patient finding, omnichannel optimization and determination of next best action, and market entry. We help assess the market you are entering with a detailed understanding of the current standard of care, unmet clinical needs, and the developmental agents that have the potential to change treatment practice in the future. Finally, we design key performance indicators for launch tracking and management to help you assess the success of your launch.

Lifecycle Management

Maximize the full life potential of your brand. We take into account the entire life of your product, helping you manage the complete set of product information, lifecycle management processes, and resources in order to make more appropriate, timely, and strategic decisions. Our deep knowledge of therapeutic areas, data, and advanced analytics enables us to guide you to the right strategies at each stage of your product’s lifecycle – no matter the pharmaceutical stakeholder or market influences at play.

Our engagements include delivering patient intelligence, identifying key drivers of brand performance, portfolio and product planning, stakeholder segmentation, promotional response and marketing mix modeling, channel/campaign effectiveness and optimization, double jeopardy analysis, and indication prioritization or order of entry.

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