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<p><strong><strong>Paula Fullman</strong></strong><strong><strong>, </strong></strong>Vice President and Practice Head, Media Reach & Engagement</p>

Even though people have become patients once we see them as de-identified numbers in our data, we understand them also as a person on a health journey through the picture the data paints. We never lose sight of how important that is.

Paula Fullman, Vice President and Practice Head, Media Reach & Engagement


Reach the best audience for your campaign and connect direct-to-consumer and healthcare provider (HCP) strategies. We blend our rich healthcare data with demographic information to create digital audiences for marketers. Offered under the Health Rankings banner, syndicated disease-based consumer audiences are available through a variety of platforms. We also provide customized audiences to meet specific campaign needs and can help connect potential patients with their healthcare providers for coordinated tactics through our HCP audience offerings.

View our precise and scalable consumer and physician audience targeting through HealthRankings

Creative & Planning Insights

Define and refine your creative approach using data-driven decisions. We leverage our sophisticated machine learning to help you reach consumer targets effectively, as well as identify which consumers and professionals are the best targets for your campaign. Our media planning solution includes target profiles such as health, demographic, and psychographic attributes; A/B testing based on actual patient behavior; customized analyses based upon past placement or through syndicated offerings; linking first party and pre-defined segments; and finding specific TV shows, networks, or day-parts being viewed by disease state.

Campaign Measurement & Optimization

Measure and optimize your digital, TV, print, point of care, and CRM-based campaigns. We can help you demonstrate an ROI on your channel of choice or adjust your promotion placement strategy as needed. Our suite of insights includes Measure of Audience Composition and Quality and Conversion Latency.

Media Intelligence Hubs

Create an easy-to-access environment for in-house analytics with our Media Intelligence Hubs. We offer a HIPAA-compliant environment, with hosting options or delivery. These custom environments are supported by our consulting and analytics experts.

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