Precise and scalable consumer and physician audience targeting

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HealthRankings data sets enable clients’ programmatic advertising campaign to target condition-based customer audiences and specialty-based physician audiences through chosen distribution points. The HIPAA-compliant, fully de-identified data sets offer convenient off-the-shelf solutions and customized audiences.

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We help clients answer:

  • How do I find my desired audience?
  • How do I activate or target them?
  • How do I do this in a cost effective and timely manner?
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400+ distribution points

Including mobile devices, computer browser, or television subscription

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85+ condition-based patient audience segments

Choose from over 85 health conditions to reach your target audience

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NEW! Over 150 physician specialty targeting data sets available

We now offer specialty-based physician target audience segments

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If you can’t find a condition or specialty you’re looking for, we can create a data set that fits your specific needs

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De-identified through our Synoma® engine HealthRankings data is completely anonymized

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Easy to browse

Search for HealthRankings in the Provider category on LiveRamp or visit our profile page to browse our data set

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Integrated Dataverse

Our health data sets come from one of the largest integrated, curated, and de-identified health data repositories – IDV®

The process of building digital audiences

  1. Define the population of interest
  2. Profile them with attributes available in IDV®
  3. Build a model that scores all patients in IDV®
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HealthRankings features and benefits

Precision and Scale

Our approach to propensity scoring improves upon the results of the generalized approaches and addresses the concerns of marketers who have not seen the best results from some of the generalized approaches in market today.

Propensity-Based Scoring

Through a combination of socio-economic and healthcare utilization data, and via machine learning and statistical modeling techniques, we have grouped individuals based on their propensity to have certain health characteristics.

100% Anonymization

All scoring adheres to the strict requirements of HIPAA. Scoring is conducted on anonymized audiences only. Population sizes are large enough such that there is no risk of re-identification.

Behavior Focus

All our scoring is conducted in accordance with NAI Code of Conduct and HIPAA. We focus on non-sensitive therapeutic categories and strive towards understanding the drivers of behavior.

2x Click-Through Rates

HealthRankings segments receive more than twice the benchmark Click-Through Rates and higher number of clicks despite serving less than 50% impressions, compared to a competitor model.

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Media Reach & Engagement

HealthRankings are just one of Symphony Health's media offerings that provide you with actionable insights at every stage of the product lifecycle.

Add media measurement to your campaign to accurately evaluate its success or explore other media tools and opportunities.

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