Integrated, curated, and de-identified health data delivered in your preferred format with Integrated Dataverse.

Integrated Dataverse (IDV®) is the most comprehensive and longitudinal source of healthcare data in the industry, bringing together our vast claims resources – medical, hospital, and prescription – with our rich point-of-sale prescription data, non-retail invoice data, and demographic data. IDV® is the foundation of all Source data products and offers one consistent market view across prescriber, payer, and patient dimensions. With specific views and tools, and exclusive adjustments for products that are abandoned at the pharmacy, IDV® answers key questions and facilitates critical commercial processes within sales, marketing, and managed markets. A hallmark of this data platform is its always on, instant access to over 80 therapeutic areas covering the most important classes for pharmaceutical manufacturers.

IDV® — Integrated Dataverse

IDV® combines different facets of information to build a complete picture of any given health event, offering true integration across all dimensions. This allows you to see a health event from many different angles and develop increasingly sophisticated, insight-driven strategies and programs.

IDV® provides the most complete view of market data to deliver unparalleled insights into your brand journey.

IDV® Overview

Comprehensive insights pulled directly from the Source.


Influence physician behavior with accurate targeting and incentive compensation within specific geographies. With PrescriberSource®, our best-in-class, prescriber-focused data can be used to target high-impact practitioners based on volume of prescribing within custom market definitions. You can also use PrescriberSource® to track the impact of promotional efforts on geography-specific market trends.

Now, unique access to a top specialty mail order pharmacy is available. This new dataset increases our total specialty mail order coverage to over 70%.

<p><strong><strong>Ewa Kleczyk, Ph.D., </strong></strong>Vice President, Advanced & Custom Analytics</p>

While data is the heart of our business, helping our customers navigate it is our priority. We ask and we listen, and then we provide exactly what they need.

Ewa Kleczyk, Ph.D., Vice President, Advanced & Custom Analytics


Reduce Rx abandonment, develop contracting strategies that drive sales results, and maximize the return on field-based, pull-through efforts. PayerSource® offers exclusive access to the most detailed prescription claims data in the industry, allowing for a deeper understanding of managed care influence that is not available anywhere else.


Uncover treatment patterns with robust, anonymized, longitudinal patient data and refine and target your messaging to prescribers. PatientSource® allows you to segment concomitant conditions, brand switching, dose titration, and other specifics of treatment to better understand where physicians position your brand and develop impactful patient-centric strategies.

Enhanced Clinical Views

Collect additional insights that aren’t found in traditional claims data to support segmentation and business intelligence around the patient population by therapeutic area. Our patient transactional datasets can be appended to include additional care settings such as long-term care, as well as enriched clinical data from the EMR (Electronic Medical Record), lab centers, and patient registries.

<p><strong>Ed Barnett, </strong>Vice President, Business Development – East Region</p>

When an individual makes decisions – they are just that: his decisions. But when millions of us do – they become trends, patterns, they become data. With Symphony’s immense coverage and state-of-the-art anonymization tech our data repository is where it all begins.

Ed Barnett, Vice President, Business Development – East Region


Drive strategic engagement with healthcare providers, healthcare organizations, and contracting entities with our comprehensive industry resource for demographic and affiliation insights. Choose from demographics such as names, addresses, and industry identifiers. Expand your search to include relationships between practitioners and facilities at which they practice, or organization relationships with Integrated Delivery Networks and Group Purchasing Organizations. No matter your search, CustomerSource® covers it all.


Address key business questions across the clinical and commercial continuum with a comprehensive, timely, HIPAA-compliant view of diagnostic information. DiagnosticSource™ offers de-identified patient- and physician-level data on diagnostic test orders and results across a broad range of disease states. DiagnosticSource™ can be further linked to Symphony’s extensive IDV patient data repository for even greater patient insights.


Get fast, flexible, and cost-effective measurement of the non-retail marketplace. NonRetailSource® incorporates indirect and direct drug sales into institutions, including private and government hospitals, clinics, home healthcare providers, HMO captive pharmacies, mail-order pharmacies, and prisons.

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