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Today’s healthcare world presents a fast-moving, highly complex, many phased picture. From market-sizing all the way through to sales compensation and payer reimbursement, data abounds adding to the complexity. But if you want to make fully informed decisions around how to maximize brand performance, or how to optimize the sales team’s time and message, you need information that captures real-world dynamics and turns them to your advantage.

Symphony Health provides thorough data and powerful analytics to help professionals understand the full market lifecycle, from predictive market analysis to patient influence, physician prescribing, pharmacy fulfillment, payer reimbursement, and sales compensation. This holistic perspective can only be attained from a massive base of fully integrated information that captures physician, payer, and patient actions.


We were formed to address the growing needs for big data analytics, information and insights

At Symphony Health, we believe it is critical for major participants in the healthcare industry to transform their commercial approaches centered around informed, insightful research and thorough analysis that is accessed via powerful technology.

Symphony Health was created to help customers dramatically improve their performance, productivity, and profitability by delivering high-value data, analytics, and innovative performance solutions using our unique data and research capabilities. Formed in 2012,Symphony Health offers the best in innovative research services for the life sciences industry. A pioneer in the physician-level targeting environment that pharmaceutical companies use today, Symphony Health provides strategic market data that analyzes the industry from the perspectives of providers, payers, and patients to a variety of private and public organizations.

Symphony Health is owned by Symphony Technology Group (STG), a strategic private equity firm that makes long-term investments in its companies to build long-term value for customers. STG is a global leader in data management and analytics with 15,000 portfolio employees across North America, Europe, and Asia. The company’s deep commitment to customer-driven innovation and partnership starts with its Chairman, Dr. Romesh Wadhwani, and is shared throughout the company to all its employees.

“Symphony Health provides thorough data and powerful analytics to help professionals understand the full market lifecycle”


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