Cardiology Registry Data

A broad and deep view of the patient journey through combined IDV® and cardiovascular registry data

Bringing together detailed clinical data from a national-scale cardiovascular registry with the longitudinal data of the IDV®, this HIPAA-compliant research platform includes information on 8.7 million anonymized patients with up to six years of observed diagnoses, procedures, therapies, and related findings.

Five nation-wide cardiovascular registries run by the largest cardiovascular medical society in the US are currently linked exclusively with the IDV®, providing a more robust source of clinical data than registry data alone:

  • IDV® can link in claims data across all therapeutic areas to show comorbidities and concomitant treatments beyond cardiology
  • Integration with IDV® can enhance visibility of testing activity via medical claims data
  • IDV® captures industry codes across data providers and can integrate these codes with clinical registry information
  • Integration with CustomerSource™ demographics allows for identification of detailed market segments and patient characteristics

Use this integrated cardiology registry data to:

  • Get a comprehensive view of the patient journey
  • Better understand treatment patterns
  • Get better visibility into treatment selection and risk stratification
  • Understand the clinical impact of compliance and persistency

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