• Integrated Dataverse®

    The industry’s most comprehensive and interconnected source of healthcare data

Integrated Dataverse®

Symphony Health’s IDV® (Integrated Dataverse) is the most comprehensive and interconnected source of healthcare data in the industry, bringing together our vast claims resources – medical, hospital, and prescription – with our rich point-of-sale prescription data, non-retail invoice data, and demographic data.

IDV® is the foundation of all Source data products and offers one consistent market view across prescriber, payer, and patient dimensions. With specific views and tools, IDV® answers key questions and facilitates critical commercial processes within sales, marketing, and managed markets.

With true integration across all dimensions, IDV® combines different facets of information that add up to a complete picture of a given health event, allowing our clients to see that health event from many different angles and develop increasingly sophisticated insight-driven strategies and programs.

By combining high-quality claims data, enhancing it with information from non-retail invoices and point-of-sale data, and then applying exclusive adjustments for products that are abandoned at the pharmacy, IDV® provides the most complete market data – and the most incredible view into the brand’s journey.

Components of IDV

Get the entire picture of a patient’s journey

Hospital Claims

Together, practitioner, procedure, diagnosis, patient, and payer information give a complete view of in-patient lines of service.

Medical Claims

Events from ambulatory care and outpatient settings are fully represented in practitioner, procedure, diagnosis, patient, and payer data.


Prescription events from adjudication switches, payers, pharmacies, and other data collectors provide practitioner, product, patient, and payer details for a deep understanding of physician prescribing behavior.


Invoice data from manufacturers provides insight into product use in non-retail outlets such as hospitals and clinics, including account details, quantities, and costs.


Extensive, validated practitioner and facility data are linked to map how healthcare systems interact. Data includes address, specialty, and licensure details of healthcare practitioners and sites of care.


Gain an unprecedented amount of healthcare knowledge and insight.

  1. Know how prescriptions, provider interactions and payment policies impact the patient journey.
  2. Know how patient mix, promotional activity and payer coverage influence prescriber decisions.
  3. Know how benefit designs,contracting, and cost structures impact patient access and therapy decisions.
  4. Know how affiliations such as GPOs, IDNs and group practices impact individual prescriber behavior.
  5. Know how non-retail volume and share impact 5 your competitive position.


Utilize our comprehensive data to develop targeted strategies and actions.

  1. Target based on prescribing volume within a specific set of diagnoses or indications.
  2. Set incentives based on specific managed care landscape issues and anticipated access changes.
  3. Tailor prescriber messages based on specific patient population and payer mix.
  4. Drive managed care contracting strategies based on local market dynamics and prescriber trends.
  5. Link practitioners to facilities and operational networks using fact-based claims data.

"IDV® is the most comprehensive and interconnected source of healthcare data in the industry."

IDV Stats

13.1 million

employer groups tracked in IDV

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