Best-in-class prescriber-focused data to support cutting-edge strategies that influence physician behavior.

Specifically developed to deliver deep insight into prescribing dynamics, PrescriberSource™ can be used to address operational business questions such as:

  • What is the market share for my products with specific prescribers?
  • How does market share vary by territory?
  • How should sales resources be aligned and allocated?
  • What is the market potential for each territory or geography?
  • How are promotional activities influencing prescriber activities?

This unique product enables accurate targeting and incentive compensation within specific geographies. PrescriberSource™ can be used to target high-impact practitioners based on volume of prescribing within custom market definitions and track the impact of promotional effort on geography-specific market trends.

With the addition of unique focus components, targeting and compensation using PrescriberSource™ can be taken to another level driven by specific insights based on patient dynamics and/or managed care influence.

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