Symphony HealthCloud™

Data and analytics in the cloud

Big data often comes with a big support burden. Capital investments in infrastructure, increasing IT resource requirements, and extensive efforts to integrate existing systems and data with new sources can all put a strain on the organization, compromising the ability to capitalize on the commercial potential of even the most robust data assets.

Symphony HealthCloud™ makes uncovering that potential easy, enabling an unprecedented degree of access and an open model to minimize the need to manage huge volumes of data within the client enterprise. The platform provides a state of the art cloud-based infrastructure that is scalable, flexible, and offers virtually unlimited capacity.

All of this computing power resides on the Web and can be accessed 24×7 without having to rely on resources beyond a standard web browser.

Cloud-based analytics and insights

With the Symphony HealthCloud™:

  • Open access and robust solutions enable increased Speed to Insight and Speed to Action
  • Resources are easily accessible, scalable, flexible—and cost effective
  • Store any ealthcare data— IDV® (Integrated Dataverse), client, and third party resources— all housed in the cloud
  • Storage, access and solutions are secure, compliant and trusted
  • Tailored to your needs and evolves with industry and technology advances
  • Client personnel are freed from data center operations and available to focus on innovation and differentiation

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