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Our Solutions

We bring together the best in innovative research solutions for the life sciences industry. Combining our integrated data, analytic tools, and expertise, we deliver accurate and impactful answers to your specific questions. Everything we do is focused on providing maximum value and maximum advantage.

"Hiding within those mounds of data is knowledge that could change the life of a patient, or change the world."

- Atul Butte, Stanford

Consulting & Services

The Symphony Health Consulting Group provides information, solutions and industry expertise to help today’s sales and marketing professionals transform market data into successful marketing strategies. Through rigorous analysis using the latest statistical and data mining tools, our team helps construct predictive models about the future impact of your sales and marketing efforts. The result is field-proven strategies and tactics that yield the right results time and time again.

Field-proven strategies and tactics that yield the right results.

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Market Knowledge

Our IDV® (Integrated Dataverse) provides the foundation for our analytics and consulting services. It’s all about starting with the best raw ingredients. We carefully source from major supply channels that include retail pharmacies, wholesalers, specialty pharmacies, hospitals, clinical registries, electronic medical records, health plan claims, and government program claims. We work hard at building and maintaining strong supplier relationships to ensure a continual supply of information that helps you holistically understand the role and changing influence of patients, payers, and providers in the prescribing decision.

Information to help you understand today's market dynamics.

Apps & Technology

As the healthcare market becomes increasingly complex, strategies to understand and influence decision makers within the system need to become increasingly sophisticated. To compete in the modern healthcare environment, biopharmaceutical organizations need to be fully informed across a broad range of market factors and integrate these insights into key business processes. The ability to utilize increasingly sophisticated data resources to uncover the drivers of value for stakeholders throughout the system will differentiate successful companies.

Deep insight that transforms data into decisions.

Symphony Health – A PRA Health Sciences Company

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