Healthcare Intelligence experts to be reckoned with

Meet Symphony PHORCE, our full-service healthcare data consulting division.

PHORCE consultants are dedicated to helping our clients and partners address the most sophisticated real-world questions. Unlock the full potential and value that our vast health data can provide.

We listen. And ask the right questions.

Unlike others in the industry, Symphony already possesses real-world data. Our experts work with data every day—no outsourcing required.

Symphony PHORCE consultants listen to and understand clients’ unique business challenges.

We enable precise tactical and strategic decision-making for a diverse set of healthcare stakeholders. Our smarter data and deeper analytics allow clients to make smarter, real-time decisions.

<p><strong>Doug Fulling</strong>, President</p>

At Symphony, we’re more than just a data company – we’re a healthcare intelligence company. The introduction of Symphony PHORCE solidifies Symphony Health as the leading healthcare data provider—true consultative partners that our clients want to work with. We understand the questions our clients want to solve in order to illuminate solutions. Together, we can help clients make insightful decisions for their business.

Doug Fulling, President


Symphony PHORCE comprises a team of 100+ analytical, patient-focused consultants. Using Symphony’s already existing patient-level data, our consultants provide tactical solutions for the patient health journey. We use Symphony’s integrated repository of data to comb for healthcare insights related to payers, providers, medical outcomes, advertising campaigns, and pricing structures.

Lynn Okamoto

Dr. Lynn Okamoto, VP, Head of PHORCE Consulting

As a former chief business and technology officer, SVP of health economics, and VP of product management, Dr. Okamoto has more than 30 years of global experience in healthcare consulting, product management, and business unit management.

Everything we do keeps the patient in mind. With Symphony PHORCE, we are focused on developing insights and solutions for our clients and supporting our mutual passion for improving patient lives. We are committed to creating a flexible, responsive environment that leads with strategic thinking, integrates analytical and creative mindsets, and builds collaborative partnerships.

Dr. Lynn Okamoto, VP, Head of PHORCE Consulting

Commercial PHORCE

Find the most efficient way to target your audiences, increase sales, and compensate representatives

The PRA-Symphony Commercial PHORCE is a fully integrated solution, providing insights on a full range of salesforce and multi-channel brand and marketing tactics. Weaved through these solutions is an alignment to a full analytics continuum: Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive, Prescriptive and Cognitive.

Commercial PHORCE is built to support:

  • Targeting
  • Segmentation
  • Market Analysis Sizing
  • Salesforce Sizing / Alignment
  • Incentive Compensation
  • Call Planning
  • Forecasting
  • Marketing Mix / Next Best Action
  • Promotion Reach Optimization
  • Promotion Measurement Optimization
  • Audience Quality
  • Patient-Level Data in Media Campaigns
  • Metys

Gerhard Gallwitz

VP, Head of Commercial PHORCE Consulting Team

Brand and Payer PHORCE

Unlock payer insights to grow your brand, understand patient profiles and utilization patterns, and uncover how practitioners are influenced by payer and patient dynamics

The PRA-Symphony Brand and Payer PHORCE is a tenured group of principals and consultants, truly recognized as experts in the domain of Payer and Patient Analytics.

Learn more about our Market Access offerings

This team provides data and analytics geared towards brand and managed markets teams within the pharmaceutical industry. They work with patient and payer level claims data to:

  • Understand how payers drive or hinder utilization
  • Explore the landscape of the patient journey from diagnosis to treatment, as well as patient utilization patterns
  • Analyze how patient profiles influence practitioner behavior

Payer analytics focuses on:

Patient analytics focuses on:

  • Market sizing
  • Diagnosed vs. Treated population assessment
  • Patient source of business analysis
  • Persistency and Compliance
  • Prescriber Triggers – Machine Learning based
  • Patient Journey
  • Targeting
  • Segmentation

Ki Park

VP, Head of Brand & Payer PHORCE Consulting Team

Enterprise PHORCE

Grow your market share and gain an integrated, full-service solution for your product

The PRA-Symphony Enterprise PHORCE creates the foundational enterprise technology to manage, link, and access your patient level data assets.

We help your business get the most out of Symphony’s offerings and solutions, such as:

We provide best-in-class analytics consulting, making sure your organization is positioned for success every step of the way.

Patient Tokenization

One of Symphony’s most sought-after solutions, patient tokenization is paving the way into the future of life sciences industry. Link anonymized patient data that can be combined and integrated in accordance with HIPAA guidelines.

Strategic Enterprise Solutions

Symphony’s enterprise solution blueprint delivers the essential ingredients to support pre- and post-commercial activities, starting in late Phase II through Phase IV. This solution incorporates the entire Symphony product line—it’s built for small and emerging life science companies centered on technology.

Targeted Technology Solutions

Foundational enterprise technologies are combined and configured to deliver innovative and advanced custom results. This solution is perfect for mid- and large-size life science companies.

David Menzies

Practice Head, Enterprise PHORCE

Connected PHORCE

The PRA-Symphony Connected PHORCE team doesn’t just deliver products. They provide recommendations, insights, risks and opportunities assessments—all based on years of implementation work experience. Our experts use the right data to drive business decisions at the right time, not bound to any one data domain or vendor.

  • Data analytics
    Design and execution for highly customized descriptive and predictive analytics
  • Data integration
    Patient de-identified data integration and aggregation services across numerous pharma related data suppliers
  • Proprietary data solutions
    Methodologies for custom analytics, thought leadership, and commercial strategy
  • Industry-specific data integration
    Enterprise solutions that meet both the business needs and mid-to-long-term data and reporting needs by mastering Customer data, building a Data Warehouse and BI platform with a reporting/dashboard point of entry
  • Data visualization
    Storytelling, compelling and actionable insights

Learn more about our data integration capabilities

What should you expect from Connected PHORCE team?

  • Knowledge and ability to integrate disparate data sets and leverage them for descriptive and predictive analyses
  • Experienced, battle-tested management that delivers patient-centric data solutions
  • Problem solving through unique and custom analytical tools
  • A wealth of talent, expertise and commitment to ongoing client success through analytical insights, end-to-end planning, and customized solutions

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