Clearly analyze managed care performance for your brands.

Our Managed Markets Consulting Group offers a comprehensive collection of managed care solutions that leverage deep payer insights from the Integrated Dataverse (IDV). Using leading benchmarking analysis methods, we offer an array of key managed markets studies, subscription options, and reporting tools that enable you to clearly analyze managed care performance and effectively partner with payers to positively impact prescription performance.

Data can be viewed by MCO/Plan, geography, or client-specific sales alignment to show how benefit design is impacting product sales, providing visibility into the impact of payer rejections and patient reversals, as well as average patient pay amounts. Competitive comparisons are available to detail how other products in the market are impacted.

<p><strong>Ki Park, </strong>Vice President and Practice Head, Managed Markets</p>

Understanding the influence health plans have on utilization is critical for an effective brand strategy. Our Managed Markets team brings together years of expertise and innovative market access solutions to guide our clients through payer hurdles.

Ki Park, Vice President and Practice Head, Managed Markets

Payer Landscape

Gain insights into market access dynamics and the mechanisms payers use to control product utilization within a therapeutic area. Leveraging PayerSource data, Payer Landscape overviews utilization management and out of pocket control measures patients face at a channel, plan, and prescriber level.

Copay Card Optimization

Understand the need for co-pay buy down programs and how to best optimize them. Copay Card Optimization leverages our lifecycle data to provide insight into patients’ price sensitivity for a product. Our experts can help with all stages of co-pay card programs, including needs assessment, understanding the competitive landscape, program benefit design, program optimization, allocation strategy, and program tracking.

True Benefit Design

Go beyond published formularies to assess a payer’s true span and depth of control for a product or therapeutic area with True Benefit Design. Detailed analytics give visibility into the barriers a payer’s patient population faces and the patients’ ability to overcome those barriers.

<p><strong>Andrew Diefes, </strong>Vice President, Business Development – Emerging Pharma</p>

I work each day with emerging pharma companies looking to commercialize new products. Creating the right managed care strategy is a huge part of long-term product success, and our team’s expertise in this area is unmatched.

Andrew Diefes, Vice President, Business Development – Emerging Pharma

Medical Payer Identification

Leverage our proprietary unmasking process to see payer level granularity for product and procedure claims flowing through a medical benefit. Medical Payer Identification enables the tracking of J Code products or procedures by payer, calculation of market share by payer, and determining payer mix at the brand and prescriber level.

Medical Remittance Data

Learn how providers are being reimbursed for medical procedures and medications, and how it varies by payer and by channel with Medical Remittance Data. The financial response from health plans back to the provider provides deep insights into physician reimbursement by the plan, as well as the patient out of pocket costs for medical claims.

Medical Remittance Data

Medicare Part D Analytics

Get extensive insight into Medicare Part D with our unique analytics offering that leverages our robust, patient-linked payer data. We effectively segment patients into the appropriate benefit categories. Standard eligible patients are then tracked through the calendar year, determining how they proceed through the benefit phases and how that ultimately impacts product utilization.

Payer Control & Physician Influence

Understand which payers are able to drive share for your product versus those that have minimal control with our Payer Control and Physician Influence Analytics. Utilizing our PayerSource data, we create payer level control scores to help you gauge the level of rebates by payer and predict potential product growth. Coupled with a physician’s payer mix and their propensity to fight through barriers, this analysis can help determine which payers you should or should not be contracted with.

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